“It’s rare to find a novelist who also writes screenplays. James Houston Turner wins awards on both sides of the aisle.”

– Bret Saxon, Producer, Hudson Rock Media

Square Pegs

When animosities between a pastor and his bartender daughter result in a lawsuit between them, a mediating judge orders them to swap roles for a week before pronouncing judgment.


Hell Creek


After the murder of an amateur paleontologist over a controversial fossil, a coded map to the dig site plunges the man’s son into the same world of government cover-up that killed his father.

For me, the foundation for Hell Creek began years ago at the University of Houston, where I earned a master’s degree with a thesis that compared creationist and evolutionist interpretations over the fossil evidence for the origin of man. I therefore did not write this project with an over-caffeinated imagination – not that my morning espressos did not play their part – but from an academic perspective with which I am familiar. However, creation-evolution debates can degenerate into “he said/she said” kind-of arguments, with neither side being able to prove their positions scientifically. This is why I built my storyline around the geological age of the earth. In that regard, there is some fascinating evidence that will surprise audiences.

Into the Eye


When a Marxist billionaire begins funding raids against refugee camps in Africa, Talanov is dispatched to find out why since the billionaire is his former KGB colleague.

Dragon Head

Talanov’s loyalty is tested when a little girl is kidnapped by a Hong Kong crime lord and he is ordered by the CIA to let her die for the sake of national security. A story of love and loyalty and how far one will go to save an innocent life.

“Explosive … exhilarating … a top-notch thriller.”
Erin Britton, The Manhattan Book Review

November Echo

When Talanov witnesses the execution of a defecting Soviet scientist and his family, his decision to save the scientist’s teenage daughter sets him on a deadly collision course with the most vicious adversary he will ever encounter: his own people, the KGB.

“Unlike any spy hero you’ve encountered before.”
Liz Terek, NewsBlaze

Greco’s Game

When Talanov’s wife is brutally murdered in front of his eyes, his vendetta to track down and kill the assassin becomes a journey of redemption with the help of two young prostitutes being held captive by human traffickers.

“Don’t start this book in an airport. You’ll miss your plane.”
Samela Harris, News Ltd.

Department Thirteen

In this award-winning debut thriller, former KGB Colonel Aleksandr Talanov is happily married to a woman he does not love. But when a group of assassins narrowly miss killing him and his wife, Talanov discovers he has broken the first rule of survival by unwittingly falling in love with the woman he must now fall out of love with in order to save her.

Rick Koster, The Dallas Morning News

The Identity Factor

In this non-Talanov action thriller, it’s antagonism versus attraction when a headstrong rookie profiler with the CIA competes with a charming Texas journalist to identify and stop a notorious terrorist.

“Layered identities are but one of the many surprises in this magnificent staccato-paced thriller.”
Bookstew, Valley Scene Magazine

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