Best known for his Aleksandr Talanov thriller novels, screenwriter and producer JAMES HOUSTON TURNER scooped a pair of “Best Screenplay” awards for his scripts – Square Pegs and Hell Creek – at the Content2023 Film Festival and Media Summit, near Ft. Worth, Texas. Turner arrived on the red carpet with his wife, Wendy, then attended a banquet prepared by Capernaum Studios, where two seasons of the hit television series, The Chosen, were filmed.

Square Pegs, Turner’s first movie as a producer, was filmed near Savannah, Georgia in 2022, and will be released in August, 2024. It concerns a rudderless pastor and his bartender daughter who end up in a courtroom battle against one another. Says Turner: “It’s a heartwarming story of forgiveness as each character discovers where they belong and where they don’t.” The film was produced by Turner’s production company, Ruby Rock Films, in association with Tri-Rahn Pictures. It was directed by the late Bill Rahn and starred Meggie Jenny, Wayne DeLoriea, Catherine Trail, Jermi Little, and Kera O’Brion. More information may be found on IMDb and Facebook.

Hell Creek, an action thriller that one filmmaker described as “Jurassic Park meets The Da Vinci Code,” has an entirely different logline: “After the murder of an amateur paleontologist over a controversial fossil, a coded map to the dig site plunges the man’s son into the same world of government cover-up that killed his father” (from IMDb). The producers hope to film the movie in Texas. More information may be found on the Hell Creek Facebook page, where fans who “like” the page may follow the film’s progression.