AUSTIN, Texas: Bestselling author, James Houston Turner, known for his Aleksandr Talanov series of spy thrillers, has written and will help produce Square Pegs, a feature film family drama about a court battle between a pastor and his bartender daughter.

Being the proverbial “square peg in a round hole” is a theme James Houston Turner explores in Square Pegs, a film script he’s written that breaks stride with the spy novels he normally writes. The movie will begin filming in Georgia in early 2022.

The story centers on a court battle between pastor Mac McCoy and his bartender daughter, Jodie. Their bone of contention is the accidental death of Jodie’s mother and Mac’s wife, Meredith, with each blaming the other for what happened. On their appointed day in court, the two are called into the judge’s chambers, where they break into another argument of back-and-forth shouting, with each denouncing the other as having no clue about what it’s like to “walk in my shoes.” Neither is willing to listen, forgive, or even attempt to understand the other. So the judge orders them to swap roles for a week. Mac must tend bar and live on tips, and Jody must run the church.

“I didn’t want Square Pegs to be heavy-handed or a sermon,” Turner explains. “I wanted it to be real and often lighthearted for this pair of ‘square pegs’ finding their way back together thanks to a pair of feisty judges who push them out of their comfort zones.”

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