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Rating: SUITABLE FOR MOST AUDIENCES. Christian themes of forgiveness and reconciliation; moderate alcohol consumption with consequences and positive shifts; mild>moderate poor behavior with consequences and positive shifts; moderate violence and the discharge of a handgun, with off-screen consequence (no one is seen getting shot), and resulting positive shifts; minor blood visible on gunshot victim in ambulance.


James and Wendy Turner at Content2023, where Square Pegs won a “Best Screenplay” award.

James and Wendy Turner on a nighttime set of Square Pegs outside of Benton Lee’s Steakhouse, in Uvalda, GA.

Cameraman/DP, Scott McClannahan, at Benton Lee’s Steakhouse, where much of the filming of Square Pegs occurred. Also featured here are boom operator, D.J. Johnson, and Mark Fincher holding the slate.

Meal time on the set of Square Pegs. All meals were home-cooked by Wendy Turner, and were THE most popular time of the day!

Square Pegs Pickled-Egg-Eating Practice. With Bill Rahn, E. Dale Johnson, and Meggie Jenny. Eat up, Meggie. We want to get this scene jussssst right!

This is our VFX fire in the foyer of Pineview Baptist Church. Thank you E. Dale Johnson and Chad Campbell.

Square Pegs

Welcome to the Square Pegs movie page.
Written by screenwriter and novelist,
James Houston Turner, Square Pegs
was directed by Bill Rahn,  produced
by Bill Rahn, Scott McClannahan, and
James Houston Turner, and executive
produced by Eelko Sieval and
James Houston Turner. Come join us
on this heartwarming, emotional and
sometimes humorous journey of


Debut actor, Heath Smith, as restaurant owner, Bob Jablonski.


Loretta Pistole Durden as the feisty but wise retired judge and church elder, Althea Cummings.



There’s a great line in the movie where Jodie confronts retired judge and church elder, Althea Cummings, about where God is when life kicks you in the guts. I wrote that line because I’ve lived it myself. For me, it was getting cancer and having half of my face peeled back by surgeons in order to remove a tumor the size of an orange. My wife and I have also survived the loss of a child, experienced bitterness and betrayal during the pancreatic cancer of my mom, and having to clean houses and scrub toilets for years in order to make ends meet after the huge financial cost of my operation. Where is God during times like that? I found my answer, but I wanted audiences to travel that journey with Mac and Jodie on their search for answers. I then point us toward the climax when Althea counsels the unforgiving Jodie by saying, “Life has an expiration date, Jodie, and none of us knows when that is.” I still discover new dimensions of truth every time I watch this movie … and I wrote it! I hope it blesses you as well.