Comfort Publishing, 2011
ISBN: 978-1936695522
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Dragon Head

It’s antagonism versus attraction in this non-Talanov stand-alone thriller as a headstrong rookie profiler with the CIA competes with a charming Texas journalist to identify and stop a notorious terrorist.

Abu Nazer is the world’s most elusive terrorist. His identity is unknown, his list of crimes — unimaginable. But Abu Nazer knows the CIA is closing in.

Which is why he must change identities.

He devises a scheme involving an ancient stone tablet discovered in the Sinai Peninsula in 1919. The tablet makes a stunning declaration about Jerusalem that has the CIA running scared. They fear he will use it to ignite Armageddon. And Abu Nazer has been using that fear against them because someone at the Agency has been leaking him information.

Analyst Zoe Gustaves stumbles onto the leak and begins digging for answers. But all she finds are more questions. Who are her allies? Who are her enemies?

Seeking answers can be deadly when everyone has secrets.


The Eric Hoffer Awards

 “I love a great villain. Great villains demand great heroes and The Identity Factor has both.”
Adoni Maropis, AKA “Abu Fayed,” from the hit television series, 24

“Turner is King of the Cliffhanger!”
Two-time Emmy Award nominee, Glenda Shaw

“One killer of a thriller … a Jason-Bourne-meets-The-DaVinci-Code kind of mystery inside a puzzle.”
LA’s the Place Magazine

“Reminiscent of The DaVinci Code … Turner holds your interest captive until you just can’t take it any more.”
Marian Jeffords, Apex Reviews

“Layered identities are but one of the many surprises that await readers in this magnificent staccato-paced thriller.”
Bookstew, Valley Scene Magazine

“Dan Brown, Grisham, Ludlum, Patterson. You can now add James Houston Turner to that esteemed list.”
Book and film critic, Daniel Cann