Regis Books, 2020
An imprint of Ruby Rock Films LLC
Cover by Frauke Spanuth
ISBN: 978-0958666480 (eBook)
ISBN: 978-0958666497 (paperback)

Book #4 in the Talanov thriller series

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Dragon Head

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One-and-a-half billion dollars disappears out of a numbered investment account into an impenetrable cyberspace maze. And Dragon Head, the leader of the Shí bèi crime group, wants it back. But the thief who stole it lies dead on the tracks of Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway, his access code having perished with him.

That leaves only one man whom Dragon Head can force to retrieve the money: Aleksandr Talanov, the former KGB colonel in whose name the account was opened years earlier by Soviet President, Yuri Andropov. The money was to have funded a KGB espionage program that fell apart with the demise of the Soviet Union. Since that time, the account has continued to grow.

If it were simply a matter of money, the United States would not be concerned. But Dragon Head wants the money to fund an army of hackers, one of whom has already penetrated America’s GPS network. The result: a midair collision that kills over a thousand people.

With national security at stake, the Director of National Intelligence becomes very interested in the whereabouts of that money. He wants the funds to remain lost. But Dragon Head wants them found. And Talanov is caught in the middle.

Both sides up the pressure by threatening to kill Talanov’s closest friends. The focus of their threats: an eleven-year-old girl his best friend Zak wants to adopt . . . a young girl unimportant against the sweep of national security and billions of dollars.

Unimportant to everyone but Talanov, that is, who has promised never to desert her.

And yet how can Talanov possibly keep that promise with both sides threatening to kill her? And not just her but everyone he loves? It’s an impossible situation when impossible is not an option, because whatever choice he makes, someone will die.



“Congresswoman Gustaves, you want me on your team because Washington is a snake pit and I’m experienced in snake warfare. You’re good at handling yourself in Congress. No question about that. I work in the shadows. I’m also expendable should things go south. Plausible deniability, I believe it’s called.”

“I would never use you like that,” Gustaves replied.

“With respect, Madam Congresswoman, yes, you would, and I’m okay with that. I’m well aware of the risks and I’m not afraid of snakes. I’ve dealt with them before. Don’t forget, I used to be one myself, so I know the kind of poison we’re dealing with. But you need to know how I operate. When a snake comes after me, I chop off its head and roast its carcass in front of the others … metaphorically speaking, of course! Point is, it lets all the other snakes know what awaits them. Look, I admire you for wanting to clean up this town. But the job will be harder than you think and cost more than you think. Question is, are you up for the job?”





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“Unlike any spy hero you’ve encountered before.” Liz Terek, NewsBlaze
“Exceptional … hits the ground running.” Kat Toland, IndieReader
“Dynamic … engaging … an exciting read.” Galina Roizman, Portland Book Review
“Starts our fast and picks up speed.” Ros Rojek, San Francisco Book Review
“Pulsates on every page!” Norm Goldman, BookPleasures