Dragon Head

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“Unlike any spy hero you’ve encountered before.”
Liz Terek, NewsBlaze

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November Echo

When Colonel Aleksandr Talanov witnesses the systematic execution of a defecting scientist and his family, his decision to save the scientist’s teenage daughter sets him on a deadly collision course with the most vicious adversary he will ever encounter: his own people, the KGB.

USA #1 bestseller
“Best book of 2013, bar none. Talanov is in a league of his own.”
Liz Terek, NewsBlaze

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Greco’s Game

When Colonel Aleksandr Talanov’s wife is brutally murdered in front of his eyes, his vendetta to track down and kill the assassin becomes a journey of redemption with the help of two young prostitutes being held captive by human traffickers.

“The deadliest chess game ever played”
Charles S. Faddis, former CIA Counter-terrorism Department Chief and author of Codename Aphrodite

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Department Thirteen

In this award-winning debut thriller, former KGB Colonel Aleksandr Talanov is happily married to a woman he does not love. But when a group of assassins from his past narrowly miss killing him and his wife, Talanov discovers he has broken the first rule of survival by unwittingly falling in love with the woman he must now fall out of love with in order to save her.

“Ludlumesque! Talanov is a wonderful character.”
Rick Koster, The Dallas Morning News

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The Identity Factor

A journalist pursuing the identity of a notorious terrorist finds his deeper agenda threatened when a rookie analyst with the CIA begins peeling back the layers of his own hidden identity.

“I love a great villain. Great villains demand great heroes and The Identity Factor has both.”
Adoni Maropis, AKA Abu Fayed, from the hit television series, 24

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