James Houston Turner In Final Negotiations With Hollywood

RUSSIANS, THEY'RE THE BAD GUYS, RIGHT? "Not all of them," says bestselling author, James Houston Turner, whose fact-to-fiction hero, Aleksandr Talanov, has attracted the interest of a major Hollywood finance and production company. "We are still in negotiations," says Turner from his home in Austin, Texas, "but we're getting close." "Hollywood loves discovering hidden treasure," says one of the producers, "and the Talanov series  is such a treasure. It has a drumbeat all its own. I'm excited to have discovered this series." The first novel being considered is Greco's Game, which is set entirely in Los Angeles against the backdrops [...]

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JAMES HOUSTON TURNER'S upcoming thriller, Dragon Head -- due for release in 2017 -- has been adapted for the big screen.  Picking up where his acclaimed novels, Department Thirteen and Greco's Game leave off, Dragon Head will take readers on an emotional, whitewater ride from the atmospheric streets of San Francisco to the exotic bustle of Shanghai, with Turner's signature hero, former KGB Colonel Aleksandr Talanov, caught between an organized crime boss and the Director of National Intelligence in this "Bond-meets-Bourne-meets-Taken" story of survival, loyalty, and the meaning of family. Utilizing heroes and villains encountered in his bestselling thriller, November Echo, [...]

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