#novecho_2014_medalsLOS ANGELES: The medal count continues to climb for Aleksandr Talanov, the acclaimed hero of bestselling novelist, JAMES HOUSTON TURNER, whose latest thriller, NOVEMBER ECHO, scored two gold medals in the 2014 International Book Awards in Los Angeles. News of the win reached Turner in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was attending Hanson’s first Hop Jam open air concert. These awards bring the medal count for Turner’s “Talanov thriller series” to an impressive six (five gold and one silver), with November Echo earning gold for Best Book: Thriller, and Best Cover Design: Fiction.

“I wish I could claim credit for that awesome cover,” Turner says. “It was the creative brilliance of Frauke Spanuth, of Croco Designs. Frauke is truly a graphic arts genius.”

Set against Biopreparat, the top-secret biological weapons program of the former Soviet Union, November Echo takes readers back to the moment Talanov became a spy. “We meet him as the cocky KGB colonel that he was,” Turner explains. “We enter his world of James Bond extravagance so typical of the eighties. We see what happens when the proverbial rug is yanked from beneath his feet, and in a single moment, everything changes. We witness his clever plan to catch a defector and how his own plan was used against him. It’s a look into the soul of a man whose world collapses, and the teenage girl who inspired his rise. It’s a story about loss, struggle and triumph, but triumph at a cost.”

To view the official November Echo 2014 Award Trailer, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rGqZBcGku8.

To read the entire official press release, click here: http://www.prlog.org/12327780.