Greco's_Game_Campaign1Fictional tough guys abound, but few are based on actual people like Adelaide author JAMES HOUSTON TURNER’S signature hero, the “dark and sexy” Aleksandr Talanov, who returns in Greco’s Game, sequel to his “Ludlumesque” bestseller, Department Thirteen. And while the story is fiction, Turner framed it against the real world of black market human trafficking operating beneath the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, where he once worked as a journalist interviewing victims at an inner city rescue mission. “I’ve met people like Larisa,” he explains. “But it wasn’t until my research for Greco’s Game that I knew this was something I wanted our hero to tackle in the wake of his wife’s murder. So he becomes unwillingly swept up in a deadly plot, where innocent trafficking victims become pawns and Talanov finds himself pushed to his limits fighting for those victims while trying to solve his wife’s murder.” ┬áTo read more, click HERE.