LOS ANGELES – Oct. 17, 2023Ruby Rock Films is excited to announce that Lisa Arnold will direct HELL CREEK, an action thriller that reignites the Creation v Evolution debate when a tyrannosaurus rex fossil is discovered in the Hell Creek region of Montana. The discovered fossil amounts to a scientific impossibility, with a race ensuing to either document or destroy the fossil.

Film Director, Lisa Arnold

“Lisa Arnold is not afraid to champion powerful causes,” says Ruby Rock Films producer, James Houston Turner, who will bring Hell Creek to life. Among her other films, Ms. Arnold is known for directing Caged No More, a 2016 film that took on the issue of human trafficking, and One Nation Under God, which focused on a student taking a stand for God in a school system that sought to ban such freedoms. She also worked on God’s Not Dead and just won a Best Director award at the Content2023 Film Festival, for Bringing Back Christmas, where Hell Creek won a Best Screenplay award.

The producers plan to begin filming Hell Creek in Texas in 2024.