11During my studies at Baker University, I remember getting beat up by my karate master, Jim Harrison, a man Bruce Lee called one of the most dangerous men in America. We were taking our yellow belt test and Harrison invited us to throw everything we had learned at him. He toyed with us for a while before turning on us with a fury I had never seen, much less experienced. Pow! – down I would go. “Get up or I’ll kill you!” he would shout. Up I would scramble and – pow! – down I would go again. I don’t exactly remember how many times that scenario was repeated, but it was a lot. At the end, my eyes were almost swollen shut. My nose was bleeding. So was my mouth. Blood was smeared all over my face. As we staggered to our feet at the end of the test – which, incidentally, I passed – he said to me “Was that the worst beating you’ve ever received?” Barely able to stand, I said that it was. He nodded approvingly and said, “And you didn’t quit because I didn’t let you. Don’t ever forget that. No matter how tough life becomes for you, don’t ever quit.”

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