James Houston Turner In Final Negotiations With Hollywood

RUSSIANS, THEY'RE THE BAD GUYS, RIGHT? "Not all of them," says bestselling author, James Houston Turner, whose fact-to-fiction hero, Aleksandr Talanov, has attracted the interest of a major Hollywood finance and production company. "We are still in negotiations," says Turner from his home in Austin, Texas, "but we're getting close." "Hollywood loves discovering hidden treasure," says one of the producers, "and the Talanov series  is such a treasure. It has a drumbeat all its own. I'm excited to have discovered this series." The first novel being considered is Greco's Game, which is set entirely in Los Angeles against the backdrops [...]

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LOS ANGELES: The medal count continues to climb for Aleksandr Talanov, the acclaimed hero of bestselling novelist, JAMES HOUSTON TURNER, whose latest thriller, NOVEMBER ECHO, scored two gold medals in the 2014 International Book Awards in Los Angeles. News of the win reached Turner in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was attending Hanson's first Hop Jam open air concert. These awards bring the medal count for Turner's "Talanov thriller series" to an impressive six (five gold and one silver), with November Echo earning gold for Best Book: Thriller, and Best Cover Design: Fiction. "I wish I could claim credit for that awesome cover," Turner says. "It was the [...]

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Days after its release, James Houston Turner's acclaimed novel, November Echo, soared to the #1 spot on Amazon's espionage thriller list. Turner says he wrote the book in response to requests from readers for more background stories on his signature hero, the intrepid KGB colonel, Aleksandr Talanov, who became a deep-cover spy for America during the Cold War. Says Turner, "What started out as a 7500 word short story quickly grew into a full-fledged novel as characters came to life in ways I hadn't expected. I love it when this happens but maintaining control is like trying to contain a wildfire. It's a [...]

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