"James Houston Turner has created a world that is so rich and unique that I was immediately drawn to Talanov," says b3 Media Group producer, Bret Saxon. "Talanov is an amazing character, and the impossible choices that drove him in Greco's Game have been taken to a new level in Dragon Head. I absolutely love Turner's storytelling and the colorful cast of characters that fill the Talanov world. We are excited for audiences to see the soon-to-be-filmed Greco's Game, and look forward to producing Dragon Head soon afterwards." Read the entire press release HERE.

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James Houston Turner’s upcoming spy thriller, DRAGON HEAD, enrages U.S. Secretary of the Exterior

Leaked emails reveal an embarrassed and angry U.S. Secretary of the Exterior, Jasmine Minnette-Rice, railing against bestselling novelist, James Houston Turner and his fictional spy hero, Aleksandr Talanov. "Aleksandr Talanov makes us look bad!" a boiling Minnette-Rice was overheard yelling. "Why the hell do you think my office, the Secretary of the Exterior, exists? To make us look good! And Talanov makes us look bad. How the hell can we look good if Turner, by way of Talanov, exposes what things are really like in this town?" Undisclosed sources say the secretary was angered further by an anonymous photo of [...]

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