Regis Books, 2025
An Imprint of Ruby Rock Films LLC
Cover by Frauke Spanuth
ISBN: 978-xxxxxxxxxx (eBook)
ISBN: 978-xxxxxxxxxxxxx (paperback)

Book #5 in the Aleksandr Talanov thriller series

This book is dedicated to the 22,000 kidnapped and trafficked children who go missing every day, and will pit Talanov against the people who perpetrate this monstrous crime.



Into the Eye

Into the Eye opens with the newly-formed “Kilo
Tactical” rapid-response team
heading to
to rescue Talanov, who was betrayed
and left for dead.

We travel with the team on board a C-5 to Africa,
then visit the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft
carrier, then helicopter into the remote reaches of central Africa to the camp of rebel leader, Ojo Mutebi, who has been trafficking refugees into the Congo on behalf of Talanov’s former KGB colleague, Istvan Szabo.

On this exciting journey, you will see many familiar faces — Congresswoman Diane Gustaves, Charlie, Jingfei, Larisa, Teague, and Talanov’s longtime friend and former CIA department chief, Bill Wilcox — plus some new ones: “Skee” and “Cactus,” and pilot “Gator”. With America’s enemies in Washington more corrupt and vicious than those abroad, Talanov and Co left the CIA for new roles in KTAC, which operates covertly within the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.



“Talanov will be for James Houston Turner
what James Bond was for the Broccoli family.”

Tom Rooker, Executive Producer, Space Cowboys; Hijacked; Absolute Power