Dragon Head


Sequel to the USA #1 BESTSELLER, November Echo!

One-and-a-half billion dollars disappears out of a Shanghai investment account into an impenetrable cyberspace maze. And Dragon Head, the leader of the crime group, Shí bèi, wants it back. But the thief who stole it lies dead on the tracks of Shanghai’s Mass Transit Railway.

That leaves only one man whom Dragon Head can force to retrieve the money: Aleksandr Talanov, the former KGB colonel in whose name the original account had been opened years earlier by Soviet President, Yuri Andropov. The money was to have funded a KGB espionage program that fell apart with the demise of the Soviet Union. Since that time, the account has continued to grow.

If it were simply a matter of money, the United States government would not be concerned. But Dragon Head wants the money to fund an army of hackers. One of them has already penetrated America’s Global Positioning Satellite network. The result: a mid-air collision over the Pacific that kills hundreds.

With National Security at stake, the DNI — Director of National Intelligence — becomes very interested in the whereabouts of that money, especially when he learns Talanov, now a consultant for the CIA, has been ordered by Dragon Head to locate and return the money.

So he orders Talanov not to find it. The missing funds have placed Dragon Head in a vulnerable position with other crime groups from whom money was borrowed as investment capital. If the funds remain lost, the other crime groups will kill Dragon Head in revenge. But if Talanov locates and returns the money, Dragon Head will use it to cripple America’s GPS network. Talanov must not be allowed to find that money.

It’s a no-win situation, with Dragon Head demanding that he return the money and the DNI forbidding him to do so . . . with each side vowing to kill him if he does not obey.

But Talanov has other problems. Recovering from the murder of his wife, Talanov is being counseled by his old friend, Zak, a former KGB commando-turned-counselor who runs a shelter for homeless kids in San Francisco. While there, Talanov meets Ming Li, a social worker who unwittingly becomes a target for Dragon Head and the DNI because of her budding romance with Talanov.

Talanov’s life is then flipped upside-down by three homeless orphans taken in by Zak. The three Chinese siblings — two girls and a boy — become targets when an attempt to kidnap Ming Li fails, with the youngest of the three being abducted instead, thereby forcing Talanov to comply with Dragon Head’s demands.

Leaving Ming Li in the care of Zak, Talanov lands in Shanghai to learn Ming Li and Zak have been taken hostage by an assassination team sent by the DNI, who have vowed to kill them unless Talanov complies with their demands.

It’s an impossible situation when impossible is not an option. Because whatever choice he makes regarding those funds, someone will die.


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“Unlike any spy hero you’ve encountered before.” Liz Terek, NewsBlaze
“Exceptional … hits the ground running.” Kat Toland, IndieReader
“Dynamic … engaging … an exciting read.” Galina Roizman, Portland Book Review
“Unstoppable from cover to cover.” Glenda Bixler, Book Reader’s Heaven, Amazon Vine Voice

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